Tooti iPhone application



iPhone / iPad


Social network | Mobile Content / Apps | Entertainment



Technology Used

iOS SDK | Objective C | Push Notifications (Apple APNS) | Facebook Integration | REST API Kommunikation und fortgeschrittenes JSON parsen | Adobe Photoshop | UI Design | UX Design


Audio messaging iPhone application with voice recording/playback functionality - record 3 seconds of audio and send it to your friends.

Main features:
- Instant audio playback even on the locked iPhone screen;
- GPS / Geo-Fencing functionality to Instant Play Toots near your Home location;
- An SMS invitation to listen to the created audio message without this app can be sent to user's phone contacts. The SMS contains predefined text with the custom generated secure link, that leads to the web audio record, which can be played back only by the recipient.
- Facebook API integration to retrieve user's Facebook Friends list.

Application uses self-written web-based API with server audio processing.

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