About Us

We began as enthusiastic students in the late 90s, working on our own web search engine. Later on we began helping our colleagues with their projects what has led to our first steps in commercial development. With the course of time it has evolved to a team of experienced software engineers and passionate visual designers. And now, after more than 10 years of international project experience - we are proud to see a cohesive and solid team of proven individuals working effectively together.

Our passion to the development process is the major aspect that keeps us united during these years. But the most exciting part for us - is to see the finished project starting to live on it's own.

In our working process - we act not only as just executants of defined tasks. We elaborate them together with our customers - to achieve the stated business goals in a more efficient way.

It is our philosophy - to be a creative participant of the project, providing our expert input to the process, adding value to the end result.

We believe that IT knowledge and expertise are essential to develop a successful product. However, there is another important ingredient that guarantees each project's uniqueness. It is the individual subject matter, the primary component, which is complemented by the IT according to the business needs.

This is the perfect approach to walk the exciting path, which starts from the idea and ends up with the polished result. This approach has been appreciated by all our customers.

Who are our partners

During the years of our experience we have noticed that it is often all about people, who define the success of the process and end result. Those most amazing partners were personalities with exceptional dedication to their subject matter and constantly extending their abilities in adjacent subject areas. Just like us in the IT branch.

However, their affiliation to the specific subject matter was always combined with their solution-oriented approach, what is absolutely important to achieve a high-quality viable outcome. The lack of this orientation often leads to a project failure.

It was always a great pleasure to work with those who have strived to achieve their goals, going above and beyond their abilities, applying non-standard, cutting-edge solutions and without even a slight temptation to compromise the flawless quality. What inspired us most - is their absolute readiness to help each other, which has been always uniting all the project team.

In our projects we have had the pleasure to work with specialists from such branches as: visual design, automation, logistics, e-commerce, marketing and advertising, finances, medical care, insurance, legal services. The great comfort of working with them is based on their educated and essential contribution to the overall process, leading to the successful project completion.

Without being IT-specialists they have been playing their important role in the working process, ensuring that the IT technology receives the absolutely necessary touch of the subject matter to ensoul the resulting product. This way they are offered the opportunity to remain themselves without having to dive into the complicated depths of the IT.

As the result, the subject matter specialists are able to go further in their field and make the project / idea even more complete and elaborated, adding new levels to the product application areas. To deal with all IT-related matters we offer our dedicated IT-assistants, which allow the specialists to work more effective, focusing on their own subject matter.

Over the years we've been observing that the subject matter specialists often understand the special situation of their customers' businesses much better that the IT specialists. Our observation also shows that with the qualified support of IT engineers they can achieve even higher level of satisfaction of their customers.

We offer this kind of high quality support and would be glad to get in touch with such specialists.

Where our customers come from

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