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Web Development

Full range of turnkey web-based systems of any complexity with custom-made tailored content management backends.

Mobile Development

Cutting-edge mobile technologies and services with innovative approach, stunning trendy graphics and highly-functional server backends.

Graphic Design

Creative, yet functional, in line with the project goals and state-of-the-art trends in design and usability, resulting in practical user experience.

Business-Oriented Development

We permanently work on advancing our technologies and skills, our main tool and weapon. This helps us to satisfy virtually any business needs avoiding technology constraints.

Impeccable Quality

We believe that a quality product begins with quality development, not with post-production QA.

Life-Time Support

Our long-term customers benefit from unlimited software support, during all project stages. We are already for more than 15 years in this business and are planning to remain there.

Business Process

  • Getting Information

    Absolutely any project starts with gathering of all the relevant information about it's specifics, requirements and details.

    This is the only appropriate way to do everything right from the very beginning.

    The deeper we immerse into the subject matter - the better. This is the way we infuse our IT expertise into your business situation.

  • Planning

    After all the details have been gathered, it is time to create the Functional Description. This important document describes the planned final result in a detailed and non-ambiguous way, without technical details, using plain English, understandable to any participant of the project.

    It answers two most important questions: how does each of the interfaces looks like and what functionality is offered to the user of these interfaces. Once this document is complete - the whole Project will be split into 5-7 separable deliverable milestones.

  • Design

    The Functional Description document, created at the previous stage - will be passed to the visual designer. He creates the visuals for each interface.

    At this stage the whole project team gains initial visual impression of the project.

    The visuals will be polished until everyone involved in the project is thrilled and can't wait to see them completely functional and ready to use.

  • Development

    When the designs are completed - our software engineers will start their custom work. With attention to details they accomplish the project milestones, one after another.

    The systems are designed technically to accept most of the changes that appear in the post-launch phases.

    And according to our experience - a live project requires lots of such changes, reacting to the real business processes taking place after the launch.

  • Testing & Delivery

    Each milestone will be delivered for testing and approval right after it's implementation. Websites are usually rolled out to our test server, mobile apps are supplied as personal builds.

    Access to the code will be provided via an GIT repository on our servers.

    Our customer support team addresses every inquiry within the shortest time possible and the developers process them with highest priority. This way we ensure the fastest response.

  • Lifetime Service

    All live projects are constantly evolving. We are always available for any changes and add-ons for all the products we have ever developed.

    Life-time Bug-free warranty is a part of our standard service. Yes, you've read it right.

    And during the years of our work we've never had to regret this promise. This is a remarkable sign of our quality that we keep constantly at a very high level.

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