"Golden rush" around crypto-currencies

Dev Experts Team, Business Analysis Department

1. To "win" money - you have to invest. Invest smartly.

2. Investment control is possible. Same as the rescue of the sunken-investments.

3. Get ready for the limelight. Not only from the media.

Everyone has already heard about crypto-currencies / blockchain? No? You're kidding me! :)

We currently observe quite a splash of interest to crypto-currencies and the underlying blockchain technology among our customers. There are many application ways for this incredibly interesting technology. However businesses often focus on crypto-currencies only. Due to obvious reasons. :)

They usually pursue the following main strategies:

However, to prosper along this way - it is not sufficient to become encouraged by the basic information about the blockchain technology and to get shocked by the figures of the market capitalisation of the leading crypto-currencies. :)

The experts and knowledge-holders are already discussing the technological flaws of blockchain. And they are constantly working on solutions that will allow quick technological reactions to the changes in the business- and legal-contexts.

This readiness at the technology level is the only way to avoid sunken investment already at the development stage, where startups often have to start the implementation anew after the business situation change.

And the situation is constantly changing due to the very young age of the technology and market. The pitch, quality and frequency of these changes will stay high for a while.

In reply to the inquiries of our customers to consult them in this subject matter and to help them create a business-solution based on the IT-technology, we have performed our own research and came to the following conclusions:

1. Both customer and us need to know exactly and in detail, all the business requirements, to make conclusions about the technological requirements to the future product.

We often engage upon requests of our customers and startups - into the expertise in the following areas:

Our customers often have the opportunity to start their development off someone's partially suitable previous development or existing platform.

And quite often we receive inquiries to continue development of the intermediate work result of a third-party development team.

Before we start working in these directions, we always begin with the research of the business requirements to the product. And only after that, we create rough sketches of resource plans for the product.

And yes, indeed, the investment control is quite possible, but only by applying the above-described approach.

2. Any startup in the crypto-currency domain should expect the highest attention. From those bad guys out there too.

A quick Google-search on these topics will deliver a multitude of attack- and loss-stories, both from users and from the businesses.

Therefore, it is important to realize that any product that goes public - will become subject to a series of attacks and natural security checks right after the launch. And the security must be up to the challenge, starting with the server, continuing with the product code and ending up with sleepless monitoring of the processes.

3. The following information is rarely published due to political and psychological reasons:

Only those who have access to the creation of resonant events in the field - will gain significant and really great success. Period.

The sequence is simple and old, as the whole financial world: such events instantly gain media attention, which influences the financial indicators within minutes after publishing.

And the crypto-currencies world does not differ in this aspect in any way from the good old fashioned Fores or other exchange markets.

So, in spite of the fact that insider trading is declared to be illegal within traditional stock exchange processes, the "Fleur" of unlawfulness and anonymity continues to define the crypto-currencies market tendencies with impunity. Quite unfortunate, as it all has started with a brilliant technologically revolution idea, which was supposed to make the world noticeably better. :)

A certain laudable specific exception are those experienced financial analysts, who have gained success in spite of this law of the financial world.

Therefore, we welcome all those, who have indeed a USP in their business idea, which will continue the initial freedom-line that is targeted to get rid of the traditional financial system limitations and provision of the significant benefits to the people.

If you feel yourself to be like-minded or you've got interesting discussion points on the topic, or you know something that we are not aware of - get in touch. :)

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